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Installation view from "Open the Narrative", Werkschau, Leipzig, 2017 © Nicolás Rupcich

The Chase

3 Channel Video Installation, 16 Min, 4K, 2017
With: Katharina Schmidt, Runa Pernoda Schäfer & Anna Keil
Costume: Marleen Charlotte Hinigger, Mask: Johanna Maxl, Assistance: Felix Leffrank, Fabian Sachsenröder, Stephanie Marek, Kai Windeler

The notes that I found in the apartment of my late father set t he starting point for „The Chase“.
He had made lists of car license plates. With his digital camera he documented other people’s cars, often in haste. He had always been convinced by the idea that women were stalking him. I decided to realise this idea in a video piece. I wrote a monologue which is being played by the three actresses Runa Pernoda Schäfer, Katharina Schmidt and Anna Keil. They all play the same character: a stalker, out of whose perspective the disease and worsening state of my father is being described.

The video piece is a part of the series Material für einen Prozess

Made possible by the kind support of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Stiftung Kunstfonds
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