The Transparent Man

Video installation, 4K, 2021

The most seminal object of the collections of the Hygiene Museum in Dresden is the Transparent Man. It’s possibly the world's first anatomical model made of synthetic materials. The sculpture however doesn’t age very well: The skin is yellow and frail while the plasticizer and the coloring is dissolving from the inner organs and blood vessels. The Transparent Man carries his exhibition history literally on his skin.

The basis for the text animation is an interview with the conservator Maria Lörzel, which has been fictionalised.

The video piece and the text animation are meant to be displayed together.

Soundtrack by Pablo Garreton.
Thank you for your kind help in realizing this project: Johanna Maxl, Timo Herbst, Christoph Gießemann & the kind staff of the Hygiene Museum in Dresden.

Created with the kind financial support of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen & Stiftung Kunstfonds
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