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Images of escape attempts, untouched wilderness and of an overwhelming threat. Images of the border.

Lecture Performance, 2019

Based on the contents of the artist book "Material für einen Prozess" I realized a lecture performance which highlighted the connection between biographical experience and the border control of former Czechoslovakia. The performance consists of a mixture of video pieces, fictionalised texts, documentary material as well as propaganda films. It was performed at Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (DE); Filmfestival ji.hlava, Jihlava (CZ); Belvedere 21, Vienna (AUT) and Nitrianska Galeria, Nitra (SK).

The most seminal object of the collections of the Hygiene Museum in Dresden is the Transparent Man. It’s possibly the world's first anatomical model made of synthetic materials. The sculpture however doesn’t age very well: The skin is yellow and frail while the plasticizer and the coloring is dissolving from the inner organs and blood vessels. The Transparent Man carries his exhibition history literally on his skin.
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